Wednesday, August 3, 2011


A few semesters ago after staying up late doing work at the library for exams, I left my WONDERFUL Macbook in my jeep while I went inside my house for a few hours to sleep. When I returned 4 hours later I came to find my computer had been stolen. It was horrible!!! Since then I have been using other peoples' computers to do homework and what not. With the upcoming semester approaching I knew I needed to get a computer of my own but I didn't know how I was going to be able to afford it UNTIL YESTERDAY. I was at Hutchison helping my lead teacher, Nicole set up our PreK classroom. She left to pick up her new computer and go through some training. I decided to stay around and continue to work on the room. About 10 minutes later she called me and told me to come down as well because they had a computer for ME!!! I couldn't be more excited if you cant tell! The computer I received is a year old (which is awesome) and here is some more good news.. the school was selling the old laptops and I was able to get one to keep forever for $25!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are PCs but they already have all of the software I will need until I graduate and can buy a new computer of my own!!! The Lord has provided so much for me!!!! I just thought I would share this because it was such a huge moment for me!! Yaaayyyy! Thank you Jesus!

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