Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Whats been keeping me busy this summer..

This summer I set some goals for myself...

One goal has been to pay off my debt that I owe on credit cards. The amount I owed at the beginning of the summer was not a huge amount but any amount is more than I want!! I can happily tell you that I have payed off one of my 4 and I am well on my way of doing the same with the others. It is embarrassing posting this but at the same time it is great accountability! The way I have been working to pay off my debt has been babysitting. In the past I have only taken care of one family each summer but this summer I have been all over the place. Some weeks I have one family, others I have had 2 or 3 a day, and then I have had a single mom that asks me to come one night a week just for some alone time. It has been a very hectic schedule but it has kept me busy and helped me to stay focused on my goal of paying off debt.

Here are some fun/crazy times we have had so far!

The kids wanted to raise money for their service project at VBS so we had a lemonade stand. This was their idea! They kept asking how much a wheelchair cost and it took me a while to understand where this was coming from but when I found out their project was to buy them for 3rd world countries it warmed my heart!

Another goal Zack and I made together was to find a church home. We visited around and really enjoyed High Point Church in Memphis, TN. God really spoke to us when we were there and we could tell that it is definitely a living church that loves the Lord. A few weeks ago we visited Revision Church in Olive Branch, MS. I cant explain the pull that Zack and I feel towards what is happening in this church body. An advantage of going to Revision in the beginning was knowing some of the people I love most in the world were largely involved but we have met some incredible people and have already started building relationships. The Lord has used the messages Sunday mornings and the small group meetings Sunday nights to encourage and challenge us so much. I cant wait to see what the Lord is going to do in our lives!

The last goal I made was to blog more which I obviously have not done but that is all changing today!! :) It has been very difficult blogging when I don't have a computer but I will find ways. The computer situation will hopefully be fixed closer to August when all of the back to school sales are happening!

I am very excited about the weekend ahead! Zack has decided that we are going to start celebrating my half birthday since my real birthday is Christmas Eve and he wanted me to have a time of my own. (He really is the sweetest!) We both are off work on Friday so he is taking me out on a day of surprises. The only thing I am sure of is we are going to see Footloose at Playhouse on the Square that night. Ahh! Did I mention I am excited?! Also this weekend brings the 4th of July! We will be going to a cookout at our new friends Anna and Garrett Brewer's house.
Hope you are having a happy Wednesday!

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